Before hosting a Major Event at UC San Diego, the sponsoring student organization, campus department, or outside organization must review the university's major events policy and then enter information in the appropriate web form. Receiving this information will enable the university to undertake appropriate coordination related to Major Events.

According to University Policy 510-1 Section V.A. Policy on Major Events on campus: A Major Event includes an Event at which one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. The Event Sponsor anticipates over 100 persons are likely to attend;
  2. The event is a Dance, regardless of the number of anticipated attendees; or
  3. Alcohol is intended to be served at the Event.
In addition, the University has the authority to designate an Event to be a Major Event if it reasonably determines, based on the facts and circumstances, that more than 100 persons are likely to attend the Event or that the nature of the Event poses unusual security risks. If the University designates an Event as a Major Event, the University will give notice to the Event Sponsor and the Event Sponsor may contest that determination by submitting a written appeal in accordance with the appeals process specified in this policy.

Enter an Event
For student organization and student initiated Student Life events use
TAP (Triton Activities Planner)
For campus departments and non-affiliate events use
MEP is intended for UC San Diego and SIO on-campus events only.
MEP (Major Event Protocol)