In accordance with State and County Coronavirus 19 guidance, please refer to for updated campus information on events and gatherings. At this time, we are not accepting Major Event Submissions during this time period. Please continue to check this website for the most up to date campus information.

Before hosting a Major Event at UC San Diego, the sponsoring student organization, or campus department must review the university's major events policy and then enter information in the appropriate web form. Facility Managers must complete the Major Events form for outside organizations reserving university space. Receiving this information will enable the university to consider appropriate safety, event visibility and coordination related to Major Events occurring on campus.

According to University Policy 510-1 Section V.A. Policy on Major Events on campus: A Major Event includes an Event at which one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. The Event Sponsor anticipates over 100 persons are likely to attend;
  2. Alcohol is intended to be served at the Event.
You are strongly encouraged to read through the Major Events Policy and the Frequently Asked Questions prior to submitting your Major Event form online. Submitting this form does not replace any approvals or coordination your event may need from various university offices including University Police, Environment, Health and Safety, Risk Management and Parking Services. Once submitted, your form will be reviewed by the appropriate Vice Chancellor or his/her delegate. Should questions or concerns arise regarding your event you will be contacted.

Enter an Event
For student organization and student initiated Student Life events use
TAP (Triton Activities Planner)
For campus departments and non-affiliate events use
MEP is intended for UC San Diego and SIO on-campus events only.
MEP (Major Event Protocol)